Mass Production of Facemasks TESDA Davao Oriental


March 23, 2020 – with no lockdown being implemented in the Province of Davao Oriental despite the increasing number of confirmed cases caused by local transmission in some parts of the country, medical personnel, health experts, men in uniform, municipal and barangay local government unit officials have been very busy doing their job on countering and hindering the highly dreaded COVID-19 from entering the Province.

For the past few weeks, the general public have been experiencing stricter checkpoints in every barangay and several frontline officers have been deployed to the different parts of the province. Thus, the need for personal protective equipment rises along the burning determination of these frontline officers to work harder for a COVID-free Davao Oriental.

Having observed this, TESDA Davao Oriental Provincial Office and Provincial Training Center-SIMTRAC initiated a mass production of locally-woven washable facemasks and is aiming to produce 500 pieces. This is in coordination with Krystelle’s Salon Academie, Inc. (KSAI) with the help of the Bangsamoro Women’s Organization of Davao Oriental (BAWORDO) situated

in Brgy. Lucatan, Tarragona, Davao Oriental headed by Mrs. Vicenta Malto and Judith P, Fernando, Trainers of Dressmaking NC II. The first 100 pieces of facemasks together with the additional sanitizers and bottled water are bound to be handed out to the Men in uniform (PNP & AFP) and Municipal and Barangay Health Workers stationed at the quarantine posts of Davao Oriental (Banaybanay, Lupon, San Isidro and Mati City) on March 27, 2020

Despite having no training institution offering Dressmaking NC II in the province, the office made sure to give a fair share of contribution to help and give back to the people who put their lives at risk, sacrificed hours of sleep, their health and their time with their families just to work endlessly alongside the Provincial Government of Davao Oriental and ensure that every DavOreños will get through this pandemic.



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