TESDA Core Business

Direction Setting

Crucial to TESDA’s role as the TVET authority in the country is its capacity to steer and provide guidance to the sector. With the end in view of setting out clear directions and establishing priorities, the availability of timely, relevant and accurate information is of essence. Data gathered through the conduct of researchers and studies shall be desseminated to enable the TVET stakeholders to make informed decisions. With quality information, TVET policies and plans shall be formulated that will serve as the blueprint for TVET implementation in the country.


Standards Setting and Systems Development

Another pillar towards the realization of TESDA’s authority role in the TVET sector is to ensure quality through the provision of standards and system development services. Competency assessment and certification of workers is continuously done in pursuit of professionalizing skilled workers.


Support to TVET Provision

In view to the need to provide equitable access and provision of TESD programs to the growing TVET clients, TESDA continues to undertake direct training provision. There are four training modalities: school-based, center-based, enterprise-based and community-based. These are being done with TESDA’s infrastructure in place –  administered schools,  training centers, enterprise-based training through DTS/Apprenticeship and community-based training in convergence with the LGUs.


Institutional Capacity Building

For TESDA to provide the required services and live up to its core business, it must muster internal capacity and capability. It is necessary to build its competencies along various requirements of its responsibilities in direction setting, standards setting and systems development and in supporting TVET provision. Institutional capacity building also involves the installation of the TESDA quality management system at all levels of the organization.